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Vinod Patel & Company Ltd. (Centerpoint), Fiji

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+6793393111 is business number, listed for Vinod Patel & Company Ltd. (Centerpoint). Vinod Patel & Company Ltd. (Centerpoint) is a Building materials store in Fiji. The contact address of +6793393111 is 1 Ratu Dovi Road, Suva, Fiji. More information for +6793393111 can be found on their website Vinod Patel & Company Ltd. (Centerpoint) business has a rating of 3.9 out of 5.

Business Name Vinod Patel & Company Ltd. (Centerpoint)
Business Address 1 Ratu Dovi Road, Suva, Fiji
Business Website
Business Rating 3.9
Business Category Building materials store

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